Uber/Lyft Drivers Behaving Badly: The Safeway Sleeping Lot

VIDEO: Everybody knows that Uber/Lyft drivers come to San Francisco far off locations like Sacramento and even Los Angeles. This particular impact of the “gig economy” has been covered extensively, from Bloomberg to The SF Chronicle and Business Insider, as well as discussed at length in this Uber/Lyft driver forum.

Due to an oversaturated market, drivers need to work long hours to make decent money. So instead of making the long commute back home, only to turn right back around, they sleep in their cars.

One morning, around 4 a.m., I’d just dropped a fare at Geary and Webster when I happened upon this scene. The Safeway parking lot was full of Uber/Lyft vehicles, many of which had sunshades or towels covering the windows.

I’ve seen this situation elsewhere, in other Safeway parking lots, as well at the rest area on 280, just outside the city. It seems that wherever there’s a place to park, there’s a place to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Uber/Lyft Drivers Behaving Badly: The Safeway Sleeping Lot

  1. Chuck Cotton

    If riders knew this, the personal hygiene and cleanliness of the driver and vehicle would be questioned. Then food deliveries-UGH!
    Rideshare operations in private vehicles with non-permitted drivers who have zero operating authority ( 49CFR390.5 & 392.9a) has not been enforced but government USDOT officials are waking up. Soon, it is expected Washington will crack down and enforce compliance as to the existing laws. Uber and Lyft think can operate freely above the rule of law.
    These companies will never be passed on to go public by the SEC unless they fully comply with the US CODE.


  2. Ibrahim

    Ya, thanks to the jungle rule of survival. No body gives a damn about the drivers who will be homeless if they continue to be ripped off by Uber and Lyft as well as the customers who expect a far pickup with zero tipping!



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