New Site Edits and Back End Revisions

Oh my. I’ve been going through this blog updating links to the S.F. Examiner pages where many of these posts originally appeared. It seems the management has rearranged their servers and subsequent urls. Not that exciting, but I’m trying to breathe some life back into this site. If for anything, just to keep it from disappearing into the web-oblivion. All links to buy books, zines or other ephemera still – theoretically – work perfectly.


2 thoughts on “New Site Edits and Back End Revisions

  1. RH

    Good to see you doing this. I try to take a cab every week and before and after, might remember some of my stories again, some for the first time in a long time. Your columns are now a central part of taxi lore.

    I have heard of taxi novels but not read any and can’t remember the titles I saw referred to in a review. Do you know of any such? There’s that movie with Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise, an assassin who gets in his cab at the airport and forces him to drive him through his list of targets.

    Richard Hack 12/31/22



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