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How to Hail a Taxi

If the social inept techies continue to sway public opinion, the urbane experience of hailing a taxi may soon become a thing of the past. Here’s a photoset of people getting into cabs throughout the ages…

(I also wrote a column about hailing taxis for the S.F. Examiner. You can read that here.)

The Fiat Taxi That Never Was


Fiat 850 City Taxi Concept, 1968.

The work of Autonova caught the attention of Fiat designer and engineer Dante Giacosa who commissioned Pio Manzù to design this compact prototype for a taxicab with “limited external dimensions, accessibility, visibility, manageability, security and recognizability.”


The prototype which was built in 1968 and exhibited at the Turin Motor Show had one long sliding door on the right and a normal opening door for the driver on the left. It could seat three passengers but was a mere 10.5 feet long.