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Uber to disgruntled drivers: “Be cool and don’t disrupt the neighborhood”


A bunch of Uber drivers protested Uber’s latest price cuts by driving around town blowing their horns and making a ruckus in front of Uber’s drivers’ headquarters at 301 Vermont. Uber wasn’t impressed. In fact, they had signs made to encourage driver to be be cool and respect their neighbors.

Will they be able to organize a bunch of scabs to shut down the highways and make an impression of Super Bowl 50? Or will most drivers seize the opportunity to chase the inevitable surge?

Scabs are scabs, after all.


Battle on the Streets of San Francisco before the Big Game


There are neon penises along Market Street – but it’s the homeless folks who are obscene?

Last weekend, the No. 1 topic of conversation in my cab was the upcoming Super Bowl. Most passengers were curious how the Big Game is going to affect taxi business. So far, I’ve maintained a wait-and-see approach, but with a massive influx of visitors, street closures and numerous unforeseen factors at play, a certain amount of speculation is to be expected.

From this week’s I Drive SF column

On the Uber Driver Super Bowl Protest


Market Street has been renamed Dick Drive for Super Bowl 50

On KPFA 94.1 this morning, I discussed the upcoming Uber protest scheduled during the Super Bowl. There’s a lot of speculation on how this organized action will play out–since the scab mentality is a major part of Uber’s rise–but one this is for certain: it will get people’s attention.

Listen to the archived show here. The Uber protest segment begins 8 minutes into the show.