From Uber and Lyft to Taxi: A Video Interview

VIDEO: After John Han gets the the camera situated for this interview with me behind the wheel of a cab, a man hails us for a ride. John keeps the camera rolling as I drive the passenger to the Civic Center BART. Turns out, the guy is an insurance broker and offers some insight into the “insurance question” that continues to plague Uber and Lyft drivers.

From there, the interview covers my transition from Uber/Lyft driver to taxi driver.

This interview is an outtake from John Han’s documentary “Driving for Hire,” which can be found here.

4 thoughts on “From Uber and Lyft to Taxi: A Video Interview

  1. James

    Supposedly if Lyft rents you a car and deducts the rental fee from your checks, when you sign on the app your commercial coverage begins. When you sign off you are on your own insurance, so again, if the Lyft driver doesn’t add the rental on his or her personal coverage and drives around off clock we gotta another un-insured motorist!


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