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The Consequence of Speed: A Hard Lesson Learned in the Fast Lane


From this week’s S.F. Examiner column:

Well, they finally got me. After a solid year of driving a cab and, in the process, committing more than a few minor traffic infractions — as safely and skillfully as possible, I might add — I got a red light camera ticket. The fine: $490.

In previous columns, I’ve written about a proclivity to hightail it while transporting fares. In return, I’ve received multiple warnings from readers, usually fellow cab drivers, to “slow the fuck down.”

While I was obviously joking when I wrote that I drive fast to save my passengers money — in fact, people tell me all the time they appreciate my non-reckless driving, unlike “most cab drivers” — we all do illicit maneuvers when driving for hire.

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Photo by Trevor Johnson.