Winter Storms Bring Winter Babies


This week’s column for the S.F. Examiner is about the birth of my daughter and the prospect of raising a child in the Bay Area as a taxi driver:

In the taxi industry, I’m surrounded by men who’ve raised both daughters and sons in The City, who’ve provided for their families, bought houses, paid for college, and still do, as taxi drivers.

Sure, it’s next to impossible to even imagine now that the profession has been diluted by the egghead sector, i.e., the “tech” community, who believe robots can do any job better, and the millennials who bemoan the lack of decent jobs and yet embrace the systematic dismantling of one decent job after another in their constant pursuit of convenience…

Point all the fingers you want, kiddos, but it’s not the baby boomers who’ve made taxi driving the less than profitable enterprise it once was.

Which is why I thank the stars my daughter was born under Obama’s administration, so we could not just afford maternity care, but qualify for it, through the ACA. Otherwise, what? Google how to give a DIY caesarean?

Read the rest of the column here.


2 thoughts on “Winter Storms Bring Winter Babies

  1. Poet Dressed In Black

    I always enjoy your column. I’m glad you chose “writer” as your profession. It’s all right to drive a cab. But not all cab drivers are writers. I just received your novel from Amazon, A Masque of Infamy. I’m looking forward to reading it, soon’s I finish Donald Ray Pollock’s last novel. I’m super impressed, wow, you got a blurb/endorsement from Lydia Lunch. You rather remind me of Jim Carroll, in that you are a young, brilliant writer. I love great writing. And brilliance. It’s rare. Congrats on the baby. How lovely for you. Indeed, life is full of surprises. Good wishes.

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