On the Recitation of the Waybill: The National Barbecue


Daniel the Chef, inspecting the new grill

This week’s I Drive S.F. column is about the National Barbecue:

The National Barbecue is a cross between a hobo cookout and a bunch of pirates carousing after a night of pillaging and plundering. It takes place on Sunday mornings in a junkyard, among the remains of disemboweled taxicabs and assorted automobile parts rusting outside the front office.


Hester looking out over the junkyard

Throughout the night, people come and go, including former Veterans and Arrow drivers like Marty, Austin, Ben “I got nothing to live for!” Valis and Trevor Fucker. Mingling in the crowd is Other Larry (aka Early Morning Larry), Mathias (“a feast of rats upon you”), Steven, Willie, Byron and Glover, the only taxi driver who gets a pass for switching to Uber because he’s probably driven a cab longer than anyone else and justifies his betrayal with, “It’s all about the money, baby!”


Marty, Late Night Larry and me

Read the rest of this week’s column.

Photos by Irina from the SF Hackers one year anniversary barbecue

For more photos from the shindig, click here

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