White Privilege and the Rise of Uber and Lyft


From my latest jeremiad:

The Children are Running the Nursery

Only a person with boundless privilege would expect their own personal driver to come to their exact location (however erratically), and wait there for an indeterminate time, regardless of how much it may inconvenience the driver or other drivers on the road, since they’re most likely double-parked, until the whim strikes him or her to mosey on down and get into the vehicle they requested.

Only a spoiled brat who’s had mommy and daddy wiping their asses their entire lives would lord a draconian rating system, that’s completely arbitrary, over another human being, like a manacle around their neck, to make sure their needs are properly serviced in a timely fashion, and in a way that fully pleases them… otherwise, it’s one less star.

Only someone with absolutely no sense of personal responsibility would pay someone to resolve their problems at highest standards, but at the lowest cost possible, and not even once consider the possibility the deal they’re getting is negatively impacting the one performing said task.

And yet, these are the new city-dwellers who’ve taken over San Francisco…

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1 thought on “White Privilege and the Rise of Uber and Lyft

  1. Sanford

    Dear Kelly Dessaint ( Louisiana french/Cajun?)

    If indeed this article “The Rise of Uber and Lyft is one that you’ve written, I wanted to say that for these ears and eyes, it speaks/reads as FaulknerIan in scope. I shudder to think that for some it will be ‘seen’ as merely biting social commentary, or polemic, or, on a lower level, sarcastic; is it all of these? Perhaps, (I would switch sardonic for sarcastic) yet so many, (not all of them), of the generation for which your words bespeak, cannot honestly transcend to reach the deeper matter at hand.

    Having just recently ended a tenure as an Uber driver, my foremost thoughts are ones of these organizations of the so called “New Economy” the “Rideshare Economy” or moreover what I’ve been calling the Platitude Recitation economy. “Happy to Help” “if I were you I’d feel exactly the same” “we value your feedback highly and depend on it.. ” “we want to guarantee a safe and fun experience for all” And all with exclamation points that are maddeningly sprayed like a sloppy paint job. Have they not indeed given birth (some literally) to this psychology of being at the heart of your writings here? That privelege now trumps thought, compassion or understanding? Saddest of all is the willful ignorance poised against rational humane thoughts which have been tossed out the windows like so much hurl many of them leave in our vehicles.

    Is your article something that you would have me, or anyone, pass on to those we feel would love reading and absorbing it? Or is that too risky in the Google-ized world?

    Your thoughts.

    Thank you for a provocative thought inducing trip.




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