1 thought on “To Uber or Not to Uber

  1. EatadickUber

    I talk to most of my riders IF they engage in conversation. If they don’t ,I don’t. There are two types of Uber riders- the stuckup types living off mommyanddaddy’s money, and the other, -the money-tight economists that were raped so badly by taxis in the past, they feel they need retribution. There are no other types that ride in Uber cars. I’ve only been tipped 3x in over 93 trips (2 weeks). My car is so clean you could eat off the floor of the interior. I wash it daily, I maintain it well (Dealership), yet somehow someone still finds something to complain about….
    The latest gripe Ive encountered is “proffessionalim” because I tend to slide “start trip” after the rider keeps me waiting more than 3 mins to get in my car. The app clearly states “be out on the curb, waiting for your driver”…..
    If you arent ready to go in 3 mins, that’s the penalty to ride with me. Don’t like that I start the meter after 3 mins of waiting? Cancel the ride and fuck off!



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