FUCK RIDESHARE! A Collection of Pissed Off Facebook Posts from Uber & Lyft Drivers

This very small collection of Facebook comments left by angry Uber and Lyft drivers dates from Fall 2014, when Uber and Lyft lowers prices to the point that many drivers who had been on the platform for over a year or longer felt they could no longer continue to afford to drive for these e-hailing companies.

There have been many price cuts since this one, and many before, but this was the first major reaction to them.












2 thoughts on “FUCK RIDESHARE! A Collection of Pissed Off Facebook Posts from Uber & Lyft Drivers

  1. Queer

    This entire post is a compilation of nonsense. There’s no such thing as “minimum wage” when you’re self-employed, which you ARE when you drive for ride share companies. YOU’RE in charge of your own income. YOU work until you’ve made the money you want to make, and if there’s not a good market at your location then you need to either go to a new location to find pax or get a new hobby. It’s also YOUR OWN fault if you want to drive a vehicle with poor fuel economy. This looks like a ton of whining from a bunch of adult babies who want to be spoon fed. If the money isn’t worth it for you, go wait tables, man. Tf outta here with this.



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